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RRP: 14.99

Ant Egg Oil Serum

"The secret of the Ant Egg Oil Serum has been passed down through the generations in the Middle East and how much it helps to get rid of unwanted hair!! The Ant Egg Oil was widely used by Ottoman women especially, to get rid of unwanted bodily hair and for their baby girls which it is was believed to stem future bodily hair problems.





Effects: Ant egg oil Serum and Cream infuses deep into the hair roots and moves the hair follicles from active phase into resting phase while narrowing the hair follicles over time with regular usage.It slows down the growth phase, while the hair grows back later than usual and thinner due to the narrowed follicles. Over time the weakened hair disappears dramatically.

How to use? You could use GUTTO Ant Egg Oil Serum or Cream for all parts of the body and face and even for the most delicate parts as there are two products one for the body and one for the face and the sensitive areas, both have the same effect but the face cream was exclusively formulated for facial area, the Serum is produced with all parts of the body in mind.

GUTTO Ant Egg Oil Serum and Cream should be applied on the pre-cleaned skin area after the hair removal session by waxing. The application of the cream should be made by massaging in circular moves for 5 to 10 minutes at night before sleeping. Daily usage until and after every hair removing process is highly recommended. The same usage is valid for the face.

RRP: 14.99

Blue Anemone Cream


is produced from the Blue Anemone flower which grows in Asia. Anemone is also known in the western part of Turkey as the"Manisa Tulip" which grows only in spring times.


Blue Anemone is a natural facecream of very strong and intense antioxidants Kinetin with Botox effect. Blue Anemone cream regenerates the skin slowing down the signs of ageing after 12 weeks of regular usage while eliminating many already existing signs of ageing. With regular usage old,skin cells will have the appearance of fresh ones.Blue Anemone locks up the moisture between epidermis layers of skin ensuring a moist texture.





RRP: 13.99


is a protein cream that can be used for all skin types and for all ages.. This face cream is described as a "Timeless repair cream". Snail Cream significantly helps increase the moisture reservation capacity of skin, helps in restoring skin damage, helps reduce wrinkles and blemishes and fights acne. A totally natural product,it contains all the mystic effects of Snail fluid as well as snail extract. The snail shell has the unique quality of restoring itself with its own snail fluid whenever the shell is damaged. This unique quality has been formulated into cream by GUTTO to help you overcome skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks and many more skin related problems.



Use before sleep,cleaning the area with water. Apply on the cleaned area in small amount and keep smearing until the skin absorbs the cream completely. Avoid overusing the cream,and wash the applied area in the morning. Avoid sunshine after usage .Recommended as night cream. CRACKED SKIN: apply twice a day on the cracked marks to have effective results.

BURNED SKIN AND WOUND SCARS: It can be applied both on new or old scars. It can be applied to fresh and healing wounds and scars.

Sundamage: As a result of its strong content the cream prevents the formation of black spots resulting from sunshine at the same while helping the decrease of redness, burns and irritation.




RRP: 16.99

Pearl Cream

Collogens and proteins ensure the healthy look and smoothness of skin.

Naturally found in the skin tissue, Pearl contains bioactive molecules based in its organic structure. In addition,what is vitally important to human skin are proteins and over 20 amino acids as well as over a dozen minerals. With all this quality it's scientifically proven that GUTTO Pearl Cream speeds up metabolism of skin and as a result restores the youthful look of skin with its cell restoring, wrinkle prevention and reviving effects.


Pearl Cream is known as the secret behind the youthful complexion of Far Eastern women. The usage of Pearl Cream dates back to 3000 yearsIt's commonly known that Empress Dowager Cix at the age of 74 owed her flawless beauty to Pearl Cream
produced from the pearls of Indian oceans` oysters.
Some of the benefits
Helps speed up the healing process of burns and scars to the skin.
Helps prevent wrinkles.
Helps regain elasticity to skin.
Helps preserve the natural colour of skin.
Helps fight acne.
Helps reduce freckles and blemishes.